Issues such as poverty, food insecurity, housing status, education, neighborhood, discrimination, and violence play a huge role in public and individual health.  These are examples of “Social Determinants of Health”. 

The HCPC is working hard to address these issues in order to improve the health of all residents in the Greater Passaic County area.

Did you know that the Social Determinants of Health account for 80% of health outcomes?

Only 20% of health is impacted by clinical care.

Partnering with 27 other community providers, the HCPC is helping to address the individual needs of clients and larger systemic issues such as improving access to transportation, housing, and food. 


These maps show high prevalence of adult obesity coupled with lack of exercise among adults residing in Paterson NJ. 

Social Determinants of Health such as neighborhood safety, and access to recreational parks and playground has an impact on obesity levels.  High levels of obesity and lack of activity increase the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease in a community.