The Health Coalition of Passaic County (HCPC) is working to make health and life in Passaic County better by:

  • Ensuring clients have access to a regular doctor.
  • Ensuring clients receive regular checkups to catch minor issues before they become major illnesses.
  • Teaching that health begins in our families, schools, places of worship and in our neighborhoods.

Composed of nearly 40 organizations who serve the greater Passaic County area, the HCPC connects you to the services necessary to live a healthier life.  The HCPC Pathways to Success care coordination program was launched in November of 2017 and is based on the AHRQ approved Pathways Community Hub model.  This program coordinates care for clients at highest risk of poor health outcomes by identifying and addressing their risk factors, including the Social Determinants of Health. 

What is HCPC Pathways to Success?

A confidential program that helps connect individuals with community resources and provides an HCPC team member to work directly with each client.

HCPC Pathways to Success will:

  • Help you develop personal health goals with your physician. A team member from the HCPC will work side-by-side with you to keep you focused on your goal. Our team member will visit you at home, call/text you and connect you to resources in the community.
  • Help you track progress toward your personal goals, whether they are weight loss, improve diabetes through blood sugar tracking, etc.
  • Accompany you to your physician or help you find a provider if you do not have one.
  • Help you track and refill your medications.
  • Connect you to community services including transportation, childcare, insurance, counseling, food or utilities.
  • Help schedule appointments for medical tests and services.

Support for this program is provided by a grant from The Nicholson Foundation.