Regional Health Hubs: A New Approach to Coordinated Care

Significant state investments have been made to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare in New Jersey. Department of Health grants, state budget allocation, support from private philanthropic foundations as well the Medicaid ACO Demonstration project have fostered regional partners to come together to address the complex health and social needs of members of our community.  These regional partnerships have evolved specifically into four coordinated regional organizations across New Jersey who share the common strengths of real-time data utilization, targeted care coordination and local stakeholder convening.  Known as Regional Health Hubs, these organizations enable New Jersey to build upon previous investments, ensure limited state resources are spent effectively and efficiently, and continue the important work of service specifically to high risk communities in New Jersey.

The Health Coalition of Passaic County (HCPC), founded in 2017, is a collaborative effort of 18 Board members and 50 Community Advisory Board (CAB) members from a wide range of community organizations who share the common aim of improving the health of the underserved in the City of Paterson and the greater Passaic County area.  HCPC values grassroots engagement and the elevation of diverse voices from across the community to become the bridge between clinical needs and community resources.  We work in strong partnership with Health systems, Public Health and Governmental agencies, Community Based Organizations, and many diverse community partners to serve at risk populations across Passaic County.  Additionally, HCPC works with analogous New Jersey community coalitions (Camden, Trenton, and Newark), to incorporate best practices and lessons learned.  We continue to expand in partnership with additional organizations joining the HCPC Community Advisory Board and are actively working together to create a healthier and more equitable Passaic County.

The HCPC, in coordination with our partner New Jersey regional coalitions, (Healthy Greater Newark, Trenton Health Team, and the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers) applauds New Jersey’s support and investments to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare in New Jersey.  We join our partner regional coalitions in advocating for official recognition as a New Jersey Regional Health HUB organizations and look forward to working together to unify communities, improve health outcomes for Greater Passaic County area and assist New Jersey in advancing important state health priorities.

Regional Health Hub Links

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HCPC Testimony for Budget Hearings

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