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What is a partnership?

HCPC recognizes that the work ahead of us is challenging and although the problems are many, they are not insurmountable. Success is possible through the collective action of those at the front lines of our efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of this community.

Partnering with us means a willingness to listen and to be heard, to put people ahead of self and to align in trusted partnerships to quantify qualitatively and quantitatively the collective impact of our work.

How to partner with us?

Send us a note about who you are, where your work is focused and your vision of how we can all work together to create an equitable and healthier community! 

Our Stories

Accessing basic needs for a mom and her two young sons.

Our HCPC Community Health Worker had the honor of working with a 62-year-old, single mother of two adopted sons (3- and 4-years-old) through the HCPC Horizon Neighbors in Health program.

Helping a hard-working mom and son improve their living environment.

Though the Horizon Neighbors in Health program, our HCPC Community Health Worker helped a 34-year-old, single mom who lives with her 15-year-old son.

Obtaining basic needs for those vulnerable to COVID-19.

HCPC worked with an 18-year-old man who was about to graduate from high school. He is a cancer survivor with chronic kidney disease and is considered high-risk of developing complications from COVID-19.

Facilitating access to benefits during unemployment.

HCPC helped a 43-year-old, happily married mother of one child. The mom worked in a warehouse that was not adhering to CDC guidelines and was fearful of contracting COVID-19, causing her to leave her job.

Providing support for a family with a high-risk pregnancy.

HCPC worked with a married, 34-year-old pregnant mother of a 13-year-old daughter. The mom was married to a truck driver who worked long hours. 

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HCPC Community Health Worker

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Whether you want to reach us to help your neighborhood or partner with us to build a better community, we would love to hear from you.
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