Our HCPC Community Health Worker had the honor of working with a 62-year-old, single mother of two adopted sons (3- and 4-years-old) through the HCPC Horizon Neighbors in Health program. Upon enrollment in the program, the mom had many health issues including high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoarthritis and an anxiety disorder. She was also unemployed and relied on SNAP benefits to provide for her children. 

When the mom enrolled in our program, she asked HCPC for assistance in finding clothes and toys for her children and in paying her utility bill. She explained that her SNAP benefits were not enough to support her household.

Our HCPC Community Health Worker immediately dropped off food donated from a local church and then used the NowPow technology platform to identify and directly connect the mom to our partner organizations for longer-term assistance. These partners include Oasis – A Haven for Women and Children which provided warm clothing, toys and puzzles for the children, and CUMAC for local food resources. In addition to working with the mom to fix hazards in her home to decrease her risk of falling, our HCPC Community Health Worker also obtained furniture to organize clothes for the family and made them aware of resources in the community to assist them moving forward. The mom sent a text message to our HCPC Community Health Worker stating:

“I want to say thank you for my children’s clothes. I don’t have enough words to say thank you. Everything was beautiful. Once again, thank you so much. You were an angel from God.”

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