HCPC helped a 43-year-old, happily married mother of one child. The mom worked in a warehouse that was not adhering to CDC guidelines and was fearful of contracting COVID-19, causing her to leave her job. The mom suffered from asthma and needed an inhaler which cost $175.00, a price she was unable to afford because she was unemployed.

Our HCPC Community Health Worker contacted the pharmacy division of the mom’s insurance company and discovered that the inhaler could be covered under the plan with authorization from her primary care physician. All the necessary paperwork was submitted, and within 72 hours, the request was processed.

In addition to helping the mom obtain her medication, our HCPC Community Health Worker also provided support and guidance in completing the SNAP (food stamps) and unemployment benefits applications process. As a result, the mom now receives $400.00 per month of SNAP benefits to help cover food costs, as well as unemployment benefits. With the help of our HCPC Community Health Worker, the mom is now able to focus on searching for full-time employment.

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