HCPC worked with a married, 34-year-old pregnant mother of a 13-year-old daughter. The mom was married to a truck driver who worked long hours. In speaking with our HCPC Community Health Worker, she shared that she had limited social support and was feeling isolated and depressed. Because she had diabetes, her pregnancy was considered high-risk and she was fearful of contracting COVID-19 – causing her to quit her job. Additionally, her health insurance recently stopped covering her blood sugar test strips, negatively impacting her ability to manage her diabetes and escalating the financial strain on her household.

Our HCPC Community Health Worker worked with the mom and her health insurance company to better understand the lack of coverage for the test strips and to find a sustainable solution. Through this interaction with the health insurance company, the mom was also referred to a prenatal program and connected to a case manager who checked in with her regularly, encouraged her to attend routine OBGYN appointments, helped her prepare to welcome the baby home, and provided nutrition guidance.

The HCPC Community Health Worker continued to work with the family and successfully connected them to the Father English Food Pantry, facilitated the donation of a gift card to use on Christmas gifts, and provided games such as Monopoly so they could spend quality time together. HCPC also taught them how to access resources in their local community and find new avenues for social support.

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