Roundtable #1: SENIORS AT RISK

Post-pandemic housing crisis in Southern Passaic County

More than 20 million older adults in the U.S. are living in or near poverty.
As the pandemic intensified the economic conditions that already make it hard for seniors to age with comfort and dignity, we can track the emerging crisis by looking at the housing market. Seniors are becoming increasingly priced out of their homes or left unable to make basic repairs and modifications to make their space more livable. This economic uncertainty puts a greater number of seniors at risk of chronic health issues that can compromise quality of life or lead to premature death.


Each member of our panel is taking a different approach to address health inequities among seniors living in Passaic County.

Scott Millard, CEO, Paterson Habitat for Humanity

Scott is a former pastor with the Bethlehem Evangelical Free Church of Randolph and has founded and worked witH non-profits like Connor’s House and Habitat for Humanity in Paterson.

Kenneth M. Morris, Vice President of External Affairs, St. Joseph’s Health

During his 42-year tenure at St. Joseph’s, Ken has designed programs to improve access to healthcare for the poor and disenfranchised and residents throughout Passaic County.

Elizabeth Davis, Founder/Executive Director, Geriatric Services, Inc, and CEO, Bright Side Family Senior Housing & Supportive Care

Elizabeth is the founder and executive director of Geriatric Services, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing and support services to older adults.

Cassondra Warney, Senior Program Manager, Corporation for Supportive Housing.

Cassondra is a strategy and partnerships professional with nearly 10 years in nonprofit consulting.

Roundtable #2: Medicaid Unwinding

Risk of lost healthcare coverage as COVID-related expansion of Medicaid comes to an end

More than 230,000 NJ residents are at risk of losing their healthcare coverage this year as the COVID-related expansion of Medicaid comes to an end. What does that mean for beneficiaries and service providers?

Hear engaging discussion and get answers to pressing questions from industry experts and others who are preparing for Medicaid unwinding and recertification.

Medicaid Unwinding Q&A

What is new or different about the eligibility requirements for Medicaid?
Although some exceptions during the public health emergency allowed for self-attestation of income or assets, no permanent changes were made. Those exceptions however may have since expired.
Where can income eligibility guidelines for qualifying be found?

They are posted on the NJ FamilyCare website:

How long after submitting the required documents does a person have to wait to hear back from NJ FamilyCare?

The time to hear back from NJ FamilyCare can vary, but everyone will not be terminated without prior notice. At least 10 days’ notice prior to termination will be given.

Are there accommodations for individuals experiencing homelessness or living in unstable housing?
Individuals who are experiencing homelessness can use the address of the County Board of Social Services or any other address where they can secure their mail. Members should call NJ FamilyCare to confirm their mailing address.
How can an individual update their address?
By calling NJ FamilyCare at (800) 701-0710 (TTY: 711).
How long do members have to respond to the NJ FamilyCare mailing and/or complete the redetermination process?
Individuals have 30 days.
If an individual fails to reply within 30 days and their coverage is terminated, how long do individuals have to submit renewal information after receiving a termination notice?
They have an additional 90 days from the date of termination to submit the renewal information without requiring a new application.
Is a member's coverage still active while they're in the process of redetermination or in the middle of a fair hearing after termination?
Yes, their coverage will continue until they’re determined ineligible, and they will always receive advance notice of that termination.
Is there a special application process for individuals who have significant needs and might not be able to independently complete this process?
Yes, assistance can be provided if someone needs help filling out the paperwork.
Is an individual's personal savings/assets taken into account for income eligibility?
It depends on the specific Medicaid program that the person is eligible for. Certain programs consider assets, while others only consider income.
What should people do if they haven't received anything in the mail or if they're not sure if they did?

If someone has not received anything in the mail, they can call (800) 701-0710  (TTY: 711) and make sure that the correct mailing address is on file. Members should not panic if they don’t receive anything in the mail, and they should keep an eye out for mailers.

Can someone renew their coverage early?
No, they must wait until they receive notification.
What is the process for appealing if someone is deemed ineligible?

The fair hearing rights page contains all the instructions needed to appeal, including filling out a form with personal information and an explanation for disagreeing with the determination. Previously, individuals had 20 days to make this request, but now they have 60 days. Every person who makes a request for a fair hearing will be given a continuation of benefits.

Are renewal packets sent in multiple languages?
Renewal packets are currently only available in English and Spanish, but translation assistance is available by calling (800) 701-0710 (TTY: 711).

How much time do individuals have to secure coverage in the New Jersey Health Marketplace?
Individuals have 60 days to get coverage to avoid a gap in coverage, but they can apply at any time after that.

What type of documentation is required to complete the redetermination process?
The county offices and the NJ FamilyCare Office will make all attempts to verify income and assets electronically before asking for paper documentation from members. Individuals have 14 days to submit any additional information needed.
What resources are available for people who may lose their Medicaid coverage?

They can go to New Jersey’s official health insurance marketplace Get Covered, or purchase other options.


Dena Charbonneau
Program Support Specialist
New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services

Maria Terlecki
Primary lead overseeing New Jersey unwinding efforts
New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services

Dr. Nadia Glenn
Director of Health Equity Operations
New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services


HCPC Op-Ed: Medicaid Unwinding and Redetermination (COMING SOON)

Roundtable #3: Assessing Medicaid Redetermination

Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

More than 6 million Americans have already lost their Medicaid coverage as states roll back the COVID-era emergency policies.

Click below to watch the Health Coalition of Passaic County’s roundtable discussion exploring the impact in New Jersey, identifying those most vulnerable and the implications for community health equity.

Roundtable discussion took place Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 at 10 a.m.


Dr. Janelle C. Hall
Executive Director
United Passaic Organization

Linda J. Schwimmer
President & CEO
New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute

Joan C. Darnsteadt, DNP,RN, CCRN-K, CCM, NEA-BC
Director, Care Management Department
St. Joseph’s Healthcare System

Roundtable #4: Mental Health

Bridging Access, Reducing Stigma, and Taking Action

What will it take to confront the national mental health crisis? This webinar explores access to care, including stigma and cultural humility, social determinants of mental health, and how community-based organizations can work together to shift the tide.

Click the links below to view the Health Coalition of Passaic County’s roundtable discussion for individuals and families struggling with mental health management.


Anny Alonzo
Family Partner
New Destiny Family Success Services

Kathy Barreto
Hub Director
New Jersey Community Development Corporation (NJCDC)

Maggie Luo
Associate Director of Outreach and Communications
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NJ)

Kelli Harris
Care Coordination Advisor

Roundtable #5: Advancing health equity for women.

Best practices in care coordination.

New Jersey’s maternal health disparities, with Black women nearly seven times more likely than white women to die during or following a pregnancy, calls for urgent action. The Health Coalition of Passaic County (HCPC) is at the forefront of an innovative, evidence-based model to improve women’s lives and create a sustainable community-based, care coordination network.

Join our upcoming roundtable on maternal health equity where local and national experts will explore:
  • A value-based approach to address health-related social needs
  • The Pathways Community Hub model
  • HCPC’s Pathways to Success for Women program
  • The role of community-based organizations
  • Insights for MCOs, clinicians, hospitals, and policymakers


Fiorella G. Vera
Social Determinants of Health Manager
The Health Coalition of Passaic County

Carolyn McCombs
Executive Director
New Destiny Family Success Center

Dr. Sarah Redding
Co-founder of the PCHI Model

Kendall Smith-McCombs
Community Health Worker
New Destiny Family Success Center

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