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Many health problems can’t be addressed without identifying the underlying causes or issues at hand. Perhaps someone doesn’t have a car to get to a doctor’s appointment … or poor housing conditions are causing elevated rates of chronic asthma … or lack of quality prenatal care is contributing to poor birth outcomes.

Using our robust data analytics, we identify the trends and needs within our communities and then, together with our partners, implement innovative programs and develop policy recommendations to address them.

Senior woman in the city
Senior woman in the city

HCPC Foundational Priority:

Data Connectivity, Analytics and Reporting

Unite Us

Unite Us empowers us to drive process improvement through data collection and analysis in order to build and manage a community referral network for every person and every need. Using Unite Us, we can immediately refer clients for assistance, empower them by directly sharing appointments and referral information, and quickly follow-up on their results. It moves us closer to realizing a collective impact approach to addressing complex health and social needs. In short, Unite Us helps hold us accountable to our work and our clients. It also helps us see what needs our community is good at meeting, and where we need to do better!

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Health Information Exchange

Through our Health Information Exchange, we are able to get a clear picture of the complex issues facing our community through the integration of both clinical and social data sources. We are better able to contribute to improved public health reporting and monitoring, engage our clients, help our partners make informed decisions, anticipate community needs, improve healthcare quality and outcomes, and work to improve partner workflows and processes which ultimately impact overall health and quality of life in our region.

HCPC Foundational Priority:

Community Unification

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

HCPC believes in the power of community and is honored to collaborate with many partner organizations to achieve health equity, address social determinants of health and improve the health and quality of life for everyone in Passaic County.

We have established a Task Force Team structure within the HCPC CAB for focus on specific areas including but not limited to:





Violence Intervention and Prevention

Community Asset Mapping and Resource Listing

Good things exist in communities! HCPC works with strong partners who provide programs and services to support and empower individuals to live healthier lives.  In order for these programs and services to be effective, they need to be highlighted, encouraged and readily accessible so that people can easily access what they need when they need it. 

HCPC has worked with Unite Us to identify and map community resources in order to easily connect individuals to trusted, well-vetted, local programs and services. Our goal is to build a network where people can enter anywhere and be referred everywhere to easily access what they need.

Grant Collaborations

HCPC values working together to bring programs, initiatives, services and funding to the greater Passaic County area through collaboration with funders and community partners. Since its inception, the HCPC has worked both independently and with community partners to secure approximately five million dollars in grant funding to benefit the HCPC region of service. 

There's nothing we can't do together

Networking and Convening

There are over 400 registered non-profit organizations in the community of Paterson, NJ. As a neutral convener, HCPC aims to break down the silos between organizations in order to work more efficiently and serve the community. By bringing community leaders together, HCPC not only expands the network, but also helps form strategic community partnerships and works to quantify the collective impact of our efforts in our region.

Strategic Planning Partner with NJ state agencies

The New Jersey Legislature supported by Department of Human Services created Regional Health Hubs (RHH) which were signed into law by Governor Murphy in February 2020.  The RHH include the Camden Coalitionthe Greater Newark Healthcare Coalitionthe Trenton Health Team and the Health Coalition of Passaic County. All organizations are dedicated to finding solutions and working through strong community and state-level relationships. In this capacity, we work as a strategic partner with NJ state agencies to address health and social needs, develop priorities and improve health equity across our regions.

This relationship has been critical in responding and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and sharing communication, concerns and information to/from the state of NJ to local partners and residents.

HCPC Foundational Priority:

Program Innovation

Pathways to Success

Creating positive systemic change through empowerment, this innovative program coordinates care for clients at highest risk of poor health by identifying and addressing their risk factors. Through Pathways to Success, we connect clients to clinical care and work with them to develop personal health goals like losing weight or better managing diabetes. HCPC community health workers work side-by-side with clients to help them stay focused on their goals, coordinate and refill medications, schedule medical tests and services, and connect to community services including transportation, childcare, insurance, counseling, food or utilities.

Led by HCPC. Direct client-care coordination. 

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Pathways to Success for Seniors

In addition to the benefits of the HCPC Pathways to Success program, Pathways to Success for Seniors includes home visits to assess fall risk hazards in the home and address social isolation for senior citizens. HCPC community health workers collaborate with program participants and community partners to address identified needs including minor home improvements to prevent falls – critical to maintaining quality of life and independence.  

Led by HCPC. Direct client-care coordination.

Pathways to Success for Women

In addition to the benefits of the HCPC Pathways to Success program, Pathways to Success for Women focuses on addressing the social and health needs of women ages 18-44 in order to improve health literacy and reduce health disparities. HCPC community health workers collaborate with program participants and community partners to address identified needs including health education, nutrition, physical activity and any other programs or services needed by participants to improve their health, manage chronic conditions, access services and improve quality of life.

Led by HCPC. Direct client-care coordination

Quest for Health Equity

Beautiful african american mother and daughter smiling happy and hugging. Standing with smile on face standing at the city.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Neighbors in Health

This is the largest, most comprehensive program in New Jersey to address health issues contributing to poor health ­– like nutrition, mental health, housing and education ­– that fall outside the traditional healthcare system. Through Horizon Neighbors in Health, HCPC community health workers and personal health assistants connect people to the wide-array of services that make good health possible.

Co-led by HCPC for Horizon. Direct client-care coordination.

Faith in Prevention

Working with 10+ faith-based organizations in Paterson, HCPC works with faith-based leaders to inspire and educate people of all faiths to be health champions for themselves, their families and communities. Faith in Prevention brings together and trains health facilitators and leaders within houses of worship to be health ambassadors. Together, they teach members about healthy eating and physical activity, as well as chronic disease prevention. Faith-based organizations also identify and implement environmental changes to support health and organization-wide health initiatives.

Led by HCPC. Community-based health education program. 

Friends are there when you need them most


HCPC aims to locally promote and elevate GirlTrek, “a global movement of Black women leveraging the historic legacy of walking and the power of self-care as a pathway to heal and transform our lives.”

In GirlTrek’s own words: “Far more than a walking group, we exist to bring health and happiness to the doorsteps of 700 million Black women worldwide. We are a campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fight systemic racism and transform Black lives. We are powering a mass movement for health justice.”

HCPC has partnered with members of three Paterson-based churches – Agape Christian Ministries, Calvary Baptist Church, and Seminary Baptist Church – to promote GirlTrek within each congregation.

In 2023, HCPC also began partnering with Ms. Amy Allen [], a Patersonian and our first-ever HCPC GirlTrek Champion. In this role, Amy works to recruit Black/African-American community members to form local walking crews and participate in the international GirlTrek movement.

Click here to learn more about Amy.

To get involved with local GirlTrek efforts, please join the GirlTrek New Jersey Facebook page:

New Jersey Reinvestment Fund - Building Healthier More Equitable Communities (BHEC)

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BHEC helps us address the barriers to better health through changes in the built environment and the community investment system. BHEC is working with four cities – Paterson, Asbury Park, Camden and Newark – to further plans for an equitable recovery from the current health and economic crisis. It also addresses the social determinants of health in order to advance health equity and wellbeing. The Paterson BHEC project is co-led by HCPC and Paterson Habitat for Humanity (PHFH) to build upon lessons learned from existing cross-sector collaborative efforts and unify data from previous projects. HCPC will be a bridge between a Ground Team and an Advisory Team to develop a model of housing choice with supportive services designed to lift people up and out of poverty. A long-term goal of this project is to create frameworks/strategies that can be applied to support any Paterson-based development project moving forward.

Co-led by HCPC.

Supporting Violence Intervention

The goal of this project is to expand programming that improves communication between the victim services field and hospitals to increase support for victims of crime, improve their outcomes and reduce future victimization. This project is being led by St. Joseph’s Health and the Paterson Healing Collective. HCPC is working in a supportive role as a project collaborator and thought leader, as well overseeing the Untie Us platform for this project.

HCPC support role.

Supporting Perinatal Insights

The St. Joseph’s Health Center for Innovation and HCPC are collaborating to develop community-driven solutions to achieve racial health equity for women and infants in Paterson and Passaic city. The focus of this initiative is to implement short-term improvements to existing program delivery, while gathering data, insights and feedback from at-risk women through trusted channels in the community. In order to align on a long-term vision and strategy to bolster CenteringPregnancy and improve maternal/infant health outcomes, we are working to more fully understand the needs women face in our community and root causes of racial disparities.

HCPC support role.

Pregnant African American mid adult patient being examined with a stethoscope

Responding and Recovering - COVID-19

In light of COVID-19, HCPC has instituted various initiatives to keep our community, HCPC team, clients and partner organizations connected and accurately informed, as well as to continue our innovative programs.

Under revised work processes, HCPC continues direct client outreach, community building, program launches and coordinated, whole person care to those we serve in Paterson and the greater Passaic County region. Our ongoing efforts help address racial/ethnic health disparities and serve the most vulnerable in our region through information dissemination, listening sessions, updated community asset mapping and COVID-19 resource and service offerings and partner updates. The HCPC staff has also conducted screenings and continuous resource navigation and coordination for individuals in our region.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been in frequent contact with state departments such as DHS, DOH, DCA and DCF, as envisioned by our governing statute, to ensure they are getting the best information possible about the response in our region. HCPC continues to work in support of COVID-19 contact tracing efforts, facilitating COVID-19 community “question and answer” sessions and facilitating COVID-19 vaccination appointment scheduling for those at highest risk including senior citizens and those without access to technology.

Led by HCPC.

Pathways to Success for Diabetes

There are significant gaps between the needs of community members with diabetes and the connection to available resources. Although essential resources such as diabetes self-management education programs, clinical care, and nutrition/physical fitness programs exist locally, the discontinuity in access by our community members remains a challenge. Through HCPC Pathways to Success for Diabetes, HCPC CHWs will not only ensure awareness of available resources, but also will empower clients to create a lasting bond with their community, developing meaningful relationships with local providers resulting in transformative change to individuals and their families.

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