Our Mission

To significantly improve health equity, health and overall quality of life for residents of the greater Passaic County area by specifically addressing social determinants of health through a dedicated, thriving and sustainable community coalition and regional health hub.
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Our Vision

To build and promote a culture of overall health and well-being for all residents of the greater Passaic County area by meeting the needs of each individual.

Our History

Founded in 2016 through generous grant funding from The Nicholson Foundation, the Health Coalition of Passaic County has successfully built a thriving community coalition.

We are a collaborative effort of 20 board members and 60+ community advisory board members dedicated to improving the health of the underserved with special focus on the Medicaid community.

Serving as the bridge between clinical needs and community resources, HCPC works in collaboration with clinical and non-clinical partners to serve those in need. As one of the four New Jersey Regional Health Hubs, HCPC also works with our regional and state partners to develop strategic priorities, incorporate best practices and build upon lessons learned to further support those we serve.

Our Community Partners

The Health Coalition of Passaic County is led by 20 Board members and 60+ Community Advisory Board members from a wide range of community organizations.

Board Member Organizations

Community Advisory Board Members

Our Team

Kimberly Birdsall, MPH

Executive Director

Magdelin P. Reynoso

Community Health Educator

Kevin Vasquez

Faith In Prevention Program Coordinator


Fiorella Vera

Social Determinants of Health Manager

Melissa F

Melissa Flynn

Community Action Board Manager

Dontay Gibson

Business Manager

Micaela S. Raymi

Community Health Worker Supervisor

Andres S.

Andres Salas

Community Health Worker

Umme Choudhury

Community Health Worker

Jill Ruiz

Community Health Worker

Anthony Brito

Community Health Worker

Denis Aduda

Community Health Worker

Jannelis P

Jannelis Perez

Community Health Worker

Ivone Simms

Community Health Worker

Get in Touch With Us

Whether you want to reach us to help your neighborhood or partner with us to build a better community, we would love to hear from you.
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